Hassho Shoji Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier and manufacture of innovative men and women’s apparel construction components for more than 50 years in Japan.
Components include: pocketing, linings, interlinings, waistbands, elastics, bias tapes and general merchandise etc.

Hassho Shoji Co., Ltd was established in March 1961 and started as a distributor of men’s suits components and accessories.
Soon after by the growing demand of the market, we build our own sewing factory in new office building in 1989.
Since then, We have been making innovative and original products such as one of our best sellers…EIGHTSTOP™(patent registered).

EIGHTSTOP™ was invented to prevent shirt from coming out of slacks, casual pants and skirts and is receiving excellent response from the apparel market.
By the market success of EIGHTSTOP™, Hassho Shoji Co., Ltd established general merchandise research & development department.
Since then, we have been creating unique products like MININOBIRU™(adjustable waist button and front hook) and STAIN-GUARD TAPE and etc.

From these experiences, Hassho Shoji Co., Ltd will always adapt to changing environment and supply high-quality goods and accessories to our trusted customers and will continuously create innovative products to fulfill people’s needs.

Takahiro Ogawa


Business philosophy.

“What is a good company?”
We always keep this question in mind to createa company adapting to the needs of modern world.

We pursuit for higher significance of being by creating goods which people are wanted to use in every day’s life.

Company Profile
 Name  Hassho Shoji Co., Ltd
 Establishment  October 1961
 Paid-in Capital  ¥50 million
 President  Takahiro Ogawa
 Office  13-11 4-chome, Suwa, Jhoto-ku, Osaka, 536-0021 JAPAN.


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 October 1961  Founder Chikao Ogawa established a private company for the purpose of
 distributingmen’s suits accessories.
 April 1973  Founded Hassho Shoji Co., Ltd. in an accordance with their business
 October 1973  Established a sewing factory Osaka.
 October 1981  Celebrate the 20th anniversary of its foundation.
 February 1988  Increased paid-in capital from ¥20 million to ¥50 million.
 September 1989  Established new company building with a sewing factory in Osaka.
 March 2004  Opened an exhibition room in new company building.
 February 2006  Launched the company's website.
 March 2006  Opened internet sales branch(Rakuten).
 February 2007  Our company was introduced on AsahiTV.
 December 2007  Opened another internet sales branch(Yahoo Japan).
 March 2008  Our company was introduced on KansaiTV.
 May 2008  Takahiro Ogawa took office as a president.
 March 2009  Our company was introduced on NHKTV(Japanese public TV).
 May 2010  Established general merchandise R&D department
 October 2010  Celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation.
 May 2011  Renovated company’s website.
 May 2011  Our products were introduced on cable television program.
 January 2012  Opened another internet sales branch(Amazon Japan).